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There is a lot more to the game of Ederon then just laying down cards each turn. In order to become a great player you have to think not only one turn ahead but two or three. Just because you have a defense ability that can stop your opponent's attack doesn’t mean you have to use it. There might be a better opportunity if you wait. Let’s take this example:

  • Your opponent is playing a solo Sorcerer deck and attacks with Summon Orcs.
  • You have a Sidestep in hand but no attack abilities. You decide not to respond and take the full 3 damage.
  • During your next turn you draw Stalk, your opponent attacks again with Summon Falcon and this time you respond with Sidestep.
  • In your next turn your opponent is unable to use defense cards. You can use your attack phase to make an attack with a weapon and follow up with a attack ability on your action phase without fearing any kind of retaliation.

Deck Editor

So instead of just reducing damage by 2 you ensured that you deal damage as well. This example is just one of many situations where you should think ahead to the next turn before playing a card.

Try to anticipate your opponent’s next move. Most decks will follow a specific routine when setting up a combo, when you figure it out you can prepare your defenses more efficiently.

Learn your deck. Keep a mental note of all the cards that are in your deck and check out the discard pile regularly to see which cards you already played. This will give you an idea of how big of a chance you have to draw a specific card and will help you plan your next move.

Everyone has bad draws, just because it seems like every starting hand you draw isn’t great doesn’t mean that your opponents is.

Since there are many variations of decks out there playing the same one constantly will put you at a disadvantage.

This might be difficult if you’re just starting and with a limited supply of cards but try to have at least 2-3 different decks you can mix and match. It will keep your opponents guessing.

Always pay attention to what’s happening and check the description of each played card when you’re not familiar with it. Some cards have drawbacks when played which will allow you to attack without worrying that your attack might get blocked or countered.

Play! The more familiar you get with each class, deck type, style of play the easier it will be for you to build competitive decks and adapt to different styles of playing, making you a more successful player.

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