Guide Book

There are two ways to win an Ederon match:

  • Reducing your opponent life bar to zero.
  • Making your opponent run out of cards.

Either way, as a collectible card game, you have to build your deck strategically, manage to combine cards and play your hand wisely.
The game is divided into turns that you and your opponent take equally. Each turn has its own phases which allows you to play cards.
Below is a typical screen of a Ederon game running.

Board Example

After you log in, go to the lobby to look for a game. Just hit the “Rating Match” buttom to let the system pick a player of similar skill and start battling.
Playing a “Rating Match” changes your rating and the match have a chance of turning into a “Golden Match” which gives you gold, gems and cards on a victory!
Your rating affects directly your prizes and card rarity when you win a Golden Match!