Guide Book
Deck Editor

What do I need to build a new deck?
First you will need a free puzzle box to build your deck, the puzzle box can be acquired at the Shopping -> Items. Now go to Manager -> Deck Editor and look for “Active Deck”, click on the combo box with a deck name and select “[New Deck]”. Search your cards database, click on the card name to select it then click the arrows (left to add, right to remove) to add the selected card into your deck. You can double-click on a card name to see the card full description. The capacity of a deck is 40 to 60 cards. When you’re done, click “Save” to name and save your new deck.

Which class/deck is the best?
Play all the classes before selecting the one you want to focus on. Each class represents a completely different play style. Find the one you like the most.
There is no such thing as unbeatable deck. Each class has a weakness and so does each deck.
If you constantly lose against one player or two doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad deck, it’s just might not be suited to play against that one specific opponent/deck.

Single or Multi Class decks?
When starting with limited supply of cards it’s usually better to focus on trading and playing just one class. Having three classes in your deck and cards from three different classes doesn’t mean your deck is more powerful. Single class decks usually suffer much less from bad draws and are faster to play than multi class decks.

Bad draws are ruining my game, what should I do?
Speed is a factor in deck creation. Usually decks which draw more cards get more cards to choose from and handle bad draws a lot better, so if possible try to implement some additional draw cards in your deck.

It seems like some cards/decks are just better than the rest, why?
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Just because everyone seems to be playing one kind of a deck doesn’t mean you have too. Players come up with new card combinations every week. Can You?
Check out the “Killer Decks” section of the forums. It’s a good place to start to see if there is a blueprint of the deck you want to make or if you want to get some comments on your deck idea.

Am I at a disadvantage if I only have 40 cards in my deck and not 50 or 60?
That depends. Usually decks around 40 cards are built around a specific big combo. It’s a lot easier to draw 2 or 3 cards you need out of a deck of 40 then it is out of a 60 cards one. But that comes with a risk that you will run out of your cards quicker than your opponent. It comes down to the type of deck you’re building. If you’re going for the quick combo try to keep your deck around 40 cards. If you want to pound your opponent down over time play a 50 or a 60 card deck.

I’m building a deck with the strongest cards I got but it’s not working, why?
Try to keep a good balance between the types of cards you put in your decks. Putting nothing but attack abilities in a solo Assassin deck will not make it powerful. Try to come up with a good balance between armor, weapons, abilities, trinkets, etc.
Each class has different strengths. Try to build on that strength. For example Gladiators have a lot of big two handed weapons. Use those in your deck rather than some weak one handed ones.

What’s the advantage of playing multiclass decks?
While solo class decks are usually a lot easier to build and suffer less from bad draws multiclass decks are far more flexible and allow you to pull off some impressive combo attacks.
The most important thing when building a multi class decks is to select classes that will work together, weather that be thru morph cards which allow you to switch between classes, by complementing each other’s strengths.
Striking a good balance will be your most difficult task in a deck consisting from more than one class. While there are few cards which can be used by two or more classes they’re underpowered compared to class specific cards.
There are a lot of cards out there which by themselves might feel weak and underpowered but if combined with another card they are in a league of their own. In essence that's what deck building is about, finding those killer combos that can turn the tide of the game in your favor.