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card name
The name of the card. A deck can have up to 4 cards of the same name.


class symbol
Any card can be played if at least one of its class symbols matches the equipped class on the playfield.


type . subtype
Type determines the phase and the slot that the card can be played. Subtype is more oriented to in-game effects.


hand slot
Indicates how many free hand slots the weapon or artifact needs to be played on the playfield.


expansion and rarity
Indicates the expansion the card was released and the rarity of the card itself. The rarity is color coded: Black stands for common; gray stands for uncommon and yellow stands for rare and very rare.


special effect
A card may have a pre-defined special rule. It's always in bold and you can mouse over in-game to read a explanation of the effect.


What the cards does. The text on this field always have priority over the basic rules of the game.


flavour text
Backstory, concept of memorable characters and events on Ederon. Do not interfere in-game.


Who made the art of the card.


Power is the amount of damage a card can do in the attack phase. Resistance is the amount of damage a card can stand before collapsing and thus going to the discard pile. Only equipment have power and resistance values.

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