Guide Book

Ederon is a fun card game you play against people worldwide. It's a fast-paced tactical combat where you take the role of a combatant with a array of unique items and techniques.

The matches are smart and fast. The game is not resource dependant, you just have to be in the right class to play a card.

Imagine a arcanist swinging a great axe, or a swashbuckler enervating his enemies with a wicked spell. Have fun, that's Ederon!

Video Tutorial


The most important part of an Ederon match is which class you or your opponent is playing. The equipped class gives a glimpse of a fighting style, with strenghts and weaknesses.
You can maximize the potencial of a specific class combining it with a similar power of a second class, or balance the weakness of one class with a complementary power of other class, on the other hand, you can be the ultimate master of a single class, knowning and managing all the pros and cons.

Try everything, there are a plethora of cards to choose from, and many ways to build your deck. Each expansion adds new cards and effects to the game, imagine the possibilities! Who knows when a winning tactic might comes up?

  • Mix and master different fighting styles with the class system.
  • Not resource dependant, the battles are fast and smart.
  • Free to play, no monthly fees, easy and free subscription.
  • Earn cards playing with other people and improve your deck.
  • No need for installation, Ederon runs directly from your browser.
  • Tournaments, achievements, titles, be an Ederon master.