Buying cards to complete collection

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Buying cards to complete collection

Postby Timmorn » Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:39 am

I will buy cards from you at the following price
15 gold for each common,
55 gold for each uncommon,
165 gold for each rare
prices are meant to be NET, this will mean i will pay you the 10% more difference for the server over the gold sum for the cards i am about to buy.

REPLY HERE not to tell me which ones you have but only to tell me if you accept and IF YOU OFFER even LESS(of course, always net).
3 days from now i will start buying from people who will have replied here.
Priority will be given to people offering less.
The following are my needings, of course, VR excluded. Check them if you have some, reply and then meet me in game.

3 <Ashes to Ashes> <Belathoran Shield> <Bgnok's Flail> <Blast of Wisdom> <Clotaun War-Bow> <Coldborn Handbow> <Composite Crossbow> <Corrosive Armor> <Diffuse> <Dowsing> <Duck> <Edge of Cruelty> <Explosives> <Freight Armor> <Frost> <Future Sight> <Gorrik's Headress> <Griffin Shield> <Guerilla Coverage> <Jab> <Juggernaut> <Karma Staff> <Lifeburst Dagger> <Magic Bolt> <Miner's Armor> <Pool Of Knowledge> <Raquer Pendant> <Resurrect Darkness> <Sapphire Amulet> <Shadow Approach> <Stalker's Blade> <Straw Man> <Summon Giant> <Throatslayer> <Toga> <Touch of Faith> <Uncontrolled Anger>

2 <Axe of C'vah> <Bastion of Hope> <Bear Trap> <Book of the Moon> <Break Armor> <Burial> <Capoeira Kick> <Coat of Arms> <Colossus Axe> <Crusader's Sacrifice> <Deviant Medallion> <Devouring Axe> <Divine Exorcism> <Double Edge> <Double-Gripped> <Dragon Sphere> <Estaviva> <Evocation> <Explosion> <Firepit> <Flamelink> <Flashback> <Griffin Hide> <Hailstorm> <Hefty Axe> <Hinder> <Hunn Berserking> <Idonik's Training> <Kithlra's Headress> <Life Drain> <Mercury Cuirass> <Missing Star> <Moonshine> <Mummified Burst> <Persecution> <Pounce> <Reed Crossbow> <Relinquish Mail> <Resist> <Resurrect Anger> <Retaliate> <Risaga> <Rotting Skull> <Sage Bag> <Saturn> <Scimitar> <Shooting Star> <Snowgllobe> <Solstice> <Soul of Cotya> <Soul of Siwefa> <Spiritus Fumans> <Stalk> <Summon Chains> <Summon Gravekeeper> <Summon Lucar> <Summon Nikni Moths> <Summon Spores> <Summon Wild Boar> <Touch of Memory> <Trainer's Amulet > <Vendetta>

1 <Amulet of Endurance> <Appatis> <Arcane Hood> <Avalanche> <Axe Fury> <Battle Cry> <Behemoth Axe> <Believer's Faith> <Blink Wand> <Blue Spell Book> <Book of Wisdom> <Chrysoberyl Blade> <Clumsy Charge> <Consume> <Cursed Scepter> <Deflecting Bracer> <Deva’s Blessing> <Dire Wolf> <Dylanize Pendant> <Extraction> <Fear the Reaper> <Feasting> <Featherstone Shield> <Feeding Frenzy> <Flash> <Follow Through> <Frequency> <Frostbite> <Gift of Knowledge> <Gruunith's Locket> <Guernica's Gem> <Haunted Warmace> <Heal Wrap> <Hemlock Coating> <Icecleave> <Icicle Dagger> <Kanton Helmet> <Karla's Blaze> <Ketero Blade> <Kirsh> <Knockout> <Kiy's Blade> <Lariat> <Lifegift> <Lizard Corset> <Mad Viper> <Madness> <Magma> <Mirage of Swords> <Poisoned Eyes> <Raging Block> <Resurgent Bow> <Rupture> <Sabre> <Sanka's Roundhouse> <Shock> <Sign of Aranea> <Skull Wand> <Soul of M'chzk> <Spirits of Shadows> <Splint Crossbow> <Splinter> <Tainted Dagger> <Take Away> <Total Disarm> <Tsunami> <Unicorn Stiletto> <Upheave> <War Flag> <War Flail> <Wrestling>
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Re: Buying cards to complete collection

Postby MajinMan » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:05 pm

I can provide a lot of these for you. would you be interested in paying real money for them?
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Re: Buying cards to complete collection

Postby jakirioc » Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:08 pm

i have some
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Re: Buying cards to complete collection

Postby Tombstoner » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:18 am

Lol guys this is a 2014 thread. Also I think he completed his non vr collection after that
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