Meet the Rebel

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Meet the Rebel

Postby Cpt Otyugh » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:20 am

So I've actually been working on a personal side project lately, trying to see if more classes is possible, and also add more flavor to the game. This is currently the first idea in progress, and conceptually is almost complete. The only thing left would be proper testing and tweaking as a result.

The Rebel can be imagined as a lackluster solider or Knight, who uses sub-par weapons and armor (not sure on shields), but makes up the difference by using his survival skills and knowledge of guerrilla warfare.

Weapons consist of maces and axes, and something else (avoiding sword). They are between the sizes of Rogue's and Knight's basic Fast Strike weaponry.

Armors are average. I believe it best to think of them as between Knight and Hunter armors, noted as being "3+ and 4-", similar to the pattern of Wizard strike spells.

Usage Abilities are similar to that of Sorcerer draw mechanics, but toss in opponent discard in the mix of self drawing for a similar effect.

Strike Abilities can be similar to Hunter and Paladin strike spells (base 2), but no perceived discrimination against any specific type. I suspect him being disruptive is going to be his specialty here, in addition to a regular small source of damage.

Artifacts I believe are going to be support based, as I don't think it's necessary to have him use shields to be effective.

Trinkets are currently not considered yet. Perhaps a second set to compliment his artifacts, but more limited in power and capability.

Spells won't be used on his own, so there's no need to talk on that matter.
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