How do I play for rating points? Playing rating matches. Click on the big gold button on the middle bottom of the lobby screen "Rating Match".

How do I get cards? Winning Golden Matches, buying them with gold on Shopping > Cards, bidding on Shopping > Server Bids, winning an auction on Card Manager > Auction House.

I want to buy a Booster Pack to increase my deck. Wich one is the most indicated Booster Pack? The Alpha packs have the most basic cards to have in almost every deck.
But they are also the oldest of all expansions, so the trade values are probably lower than most cards. In that case it is always recommended the newest expansion. With the cards you get from it you will probably be able to easily trade unwanted cards for useful cards for you deck.
Be a little careful with trading though. Some cards are worth a lot more or a lot less than their rarity would indicate, and it's very difficult to judge what a fair trade is when you're new. When you start sending/receiving trade offers, try asking moderator or high rating players if they think it's a fair trade.

How do I get gold? Winning Golden Matches, winning rating matches while you have a Golden Feather, trading in your cards by going to Shopping > Sell Card. Buy them at ederon.com under the Buy Gold section.

How do I get gems? Winning Golden Matches, trading in gold for gems in the
Shopping > Items

What is a Golden Match? They occur randomly when doing rating matches. If you win you can get card, gold or gems.

How frequent Golden Matches are? Somewhere between 3 and 6 matches. It depends on the chances you have and the chances your opponent have at the time. Basically, every time the you play a rating match that is not a golden match, you get +20% chance.
The only exception is when you had just played a golden match, the next rating match can't be a golden match no mather what. And of course, Friendly Matches can never be Golden Matches.

What's the difference between rating match and friendly match? In a rating match the game chooses a proper opponent for you. You can raise or decrease your rating, gain cards, gold and gems by winning a rating match. In a friendly match you choose the opponent by a challenge. The rating of both players won't be changed, and there is no chance of gaining cards, gold or gems.

What's is rating? Rating is a measure of one's skills in the game, it's very similar to the official chess rating. Golden match prizes are directly affected by it, as gold and gems quantity and card rarity. The more rating you have, better the prizes.

What's a VR? It stands for Very Rare. A hard to get and very valuable card.

What can I do with gold? Buy cards, acquire cards on server bids and items on the Shopping. Go to the shopping page on the top right of the lobby or on the main menu.

Why the names on the Lobby has different colors? It's the difficult of some achievement that specific player has. Normally players put the hardest acchievement on their names to show their prowness, or just put a well suited achievement.
The color stands for
Yellow - Normal achievement
Orange - Hard Acchievement
Reddish - Very hard acchievement
Purple - Moderator

What can I do with gems? They are used as a trading fee, they can buy items, avatars and most important, improve clan monuments! Go to Shopping to see what can be bought with gems.

What are Clan Monuments? They are special items that only a clan can acquire. When a new clan is created, it is given automatically all clan monuments at level 1. To upgrade a clan monument, a member of the clan must donate the desired number of gems to that monument under the Profile > Clan > Monuments. All members of the clan are able to donate to any monument. The clan monuments gives specific bonuses to ALL clan members.

Monument of Diplomacy - Gives discounts on booster packs. Level 1 +0% - Level 2 -1% - Level 3 -2% - Level 4 -3% - Level 5 -4% - Level 6 -5%

Monument of Wealth - Increases gold gain on Golden Matches Level 1 +0% - Level 2 +1% - Level 3 +2% - Level 4 +3% - Level 5 +4% - Level 6 +5%

Monument of Abundance - Increases gem gain on Golden Matches Level 1 +0% - Level 2 +1% - Level 3 +2% - Level 4 +3% - Level 5 +4% - Level 6 +5%

Monument of Valor - Increases rating gain Level 1 +0% - Level 2 +3% - Level 3 +6% - Level 4 +9% - Level 5 +12% - Level 6 +15%

Monument of Courage - Decreases rating loss Level 1 -0% - Level 2 -3% - Level 3 -6% - Level 4 -9% - Level 5 -12% - Level 6 -15%

Monument of Fulfillment - Increases your AP while in the clan. Level 1 +0 - Level 2 +50 - Level 3 +100 - Level 4 +200 - Level 5 +350 - Level 6 +500.

How do I create a clan? You need to buy the Leadership Ring under Shopping > Items. Them go to Profile > Clan to create your clan.

How do the reward system works? If you win a Golden Match, you have:
50% chance to get Gems, 35% chance to get Gold, 15% chance to get a Card.
Now, the chances of getting a rare card depends on your rating. With a low rating around 1% and a high rating around 40%. This translate to a 6% chance of getting a rare out of a golden match assuming that you won the match, and have both Mask of Fortune AND combined high rating (1700+). Also, remember that the rating for golden matches depends on both your rating and your opponent's rating.

If I acquire more than one Gem Lapidary or Mask of Fortune, their effect will stack? No, they are both single items. They stack with each other though.

My deck wont load and I instantly lose games. Also when I edit my deck it says I need a puzzle box. This may be the result from starting an account from an old client. To fix this start a new account. also make sure you checked the box next to your deck.

I had deleted a deck by accident, my cards are lost? No, just the deck itself, you can always redo you deck with the same cards.

I win/lose but my rating won't change. Rating is only affected in rating matches.

What's the Average class and the Everyone class? Average class is the term used when you have no class equipped, the average symbol can be seen on the playfield on the class slot when nothing is equipped. The Everyone class is a symbol containg all the classes colors meaning that the card can be played by every class.

How the L, M, H buttoms below the Rating Match work? The range of search changes from the following numbers:
Low - search range of 150 rating points
Medium - search range of 350 rating points
High - search range of 700 rating points
That does not mean it will only get people of that range. As the tool tip clearly says, it increases your chance to get people on the selected range. It was made this way to avoid exploitation.

It says I have 41 cards but I have only 40 cards in my deck, where is my missing card? Starter decks come with a total of 41 cards, 1 class card and 40 other cards. The class card is not counted as being part of the 40 cards in your deck.

I had updated my clan monuments/achievements and it’s not working. Try refreshing the screen by going to another screen of the game. Some features as upgrading ranking in the clan needs you to logout and login again to trigger.

I won a Rating Match and my Gem Lapidary/Golden Feather/Fortune Mask is not working. What should I do? Make sure you had bought them, items that are show in grey are not in your possession.

How do you trade? First you need to buy the Trader's Contract under Shopping > Items. Then go to Manager > Auction House to trade your cards with other players.

What does retract, instant, conjoined, fast strike mean? Mouse over the desired effect to see the tooltip. Consult the Special Effects section for more info: http://www.ederon.com/guidebook/specialeffects.html

I just lost connection and I cannot log back in. It says "username taken". Just wait a couple minutes and try again.

How do you play this game? 1) Navigate into the How to Play section.
2) Watch the tutorial video.
3) Still don't understand then ask a moderator or a high ranking player politely.

How is ranking calculated? The rank system is based on Achievement Points (AP), Monthly Victories (MV) and Highest Rating (HR): (MV * 10) + (AP * 2) + HR. Ranking is updated every hour.

How is rating calculated? We use the "Elo rating system." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system