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---=The Aurenic Disciples - The Culling Has Just Begun=---

DONATE TO THE MONUMENT OF ABUNDANCE!!! -----NEW MEMBERS!!!------ We are all donating to the ABUNDANCE MONUMENT under the monuments section. Once we level the monument up the entire clan will recieve a bonus! All new recruits will be upgraded to the the second rank after a one week initiation. "You attempt to block the charging attack, throwing your arms up in defence, but it is already far to late. As the tip of the wicked obsidian dagger enters your gut you let out a sickening gasp. The cold blade slowly tears through your abdomine, rending your organs. You look down as the destroyed organs flow out of your body in a torrent of blood. Your vision blurs as the falling carnage splashs to the ground, darkness floods over you. Death envelopes you and the Auren ascends."