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The four new Karais are posted! As well as this weeks contest and rules! Also congratulations to Bouterse for being the runner up in the tournament!

*Pacs *Bouterse *Njs *Gringita I will be hosting another tournament the first Friday of every month. The entry fee's for the tournaments will always be 1k gems from now on. However I will be counting the donations made the whole month. The prize will always be a box. Unles I win than the runner up will recieve a pack instead. *We have decided that once a week the four Kurai''''s of the guild will change. It will change based on the people who have donated the most money that week. The Kurai has the power to invite new members into the clan. Every Sunday we will change the ranks. We are now more than halfway done with our first monument. Priority is as follows. monument of Valor monument of diplomacy you might choose any other is just a suggestion to get them faster, so you can enjoy getting more gold and gems plus rare cards. Also I am working on a guild bank. The system in in place and I will explain more in depth once the bank has its traders contract.